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Manitoba Council for International Education

The Manitoba Council for International Education (MCIE) is an organization that is constituted and supported by the 24 institutions that belong to the organization through membership and volunteer participation.

Each of the MCIE member institutions have active and, in most cases long-standing, international education programs which include the recruitment and education of international students in Manitoba.

MCIE exists to pursue the following aims and objectives:

To act as a forum for sharing information about international education. Manitoba is a smaller province compared to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, just as Winnipeg is a smaller city than Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. For MCIE this relative smallness means that the educational institutions in Manitoba have very close working relationships that can benefit the institutions and the international students.

To serve as a resource for members. MCIE, often with the assistance of the Manitoba International Education Branch, has continually sponsored Professional Development seminars and workshops for MCIE members and their staff. In addition, the regular meetings of the council, along with the various sub-committees all provide opportunities for MCIE members to share and discuss the issues affecting international education and international students in Canada and in Manitoba.

To foster a collaborative approach in the promotion of international education opportunities in Manitoba. The 24 institutional members of MCIE represent every level of study from elementary to graduate university. This includes both public and private institutions. Recognizing the breadth of study opportunities available in Manitoba MCIE provides an opportunity for MCIE members to work collaboratively in promoting Manitoba as a destination for international students. Guided by the idea that "bigger is not necessarily better" the relatively smaller province of Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg permit a level of collaboration that is unrivalled in any other province or region of Canada and can be of great benefit to the international student who may wish to make the transition from secondary (high school) to post-secondary (univeristy or college) or from English Language programs to academic programs or from international student to landed immigrant in Manitoba.

To initiate, facilitate and coordinate joint marketing activities. MCIE members have pooled their resources for joint advertising in international publications in Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and Brazil. In addition, MCIE with the assistance of the Manitoba International Education Branch has produced serveral internal and external promotional pieces designed to present Manitoba as an excellent study destination for international students. The most recent such publication is entitled "Advancing Within the Manitoba Education System" and it describes the great breadth of study opportunities available to students in Manitoba and presents this is a chart form indicating how an international student can progress toward their ultimate study goals.

To promote its members interests in international education. MCIE actively presents member concerns and ideas on issues affecting international education and international students to the Federal and Provincial Government Departments most directly involved. Most recently this has included concerns expressed by the MCIE membership about the new Citizenship and Immigration Regulations for Immigration (and Education Representatives. In addition, the public, post-secondary MCIE members work closely with the Federal and Provincial Governments to manage the Manitoba International Student Off-Campus Work Permit Pilot Project.

To establish MCIE as a provincially, nationally and internationally recognized organization. MCIE is a volunteer organization that is supported in its mandate by the MCIE member institutions and managed by MCIE members who volunteer their time with the support of their institutions. This organizational structure can limit the kinds of joint marketing and promotional activities that can be planned and implemented and yet it is flexible enough to allow MCIE to function independent of external funding. Over time MCIE has developed a profile at home and abroad as a leading volunteer professional organization in international education in Canada.

To act as an advocate for international education. MCIE member institutions continually strive to provide accurate and timely information about international education to the government and the general public. Working primarily with the Manitoba International Education Branch, MCIE member institutions assist in the assembly of relevant data and general information about international education in order to ensure that the impacts of international education on the institutions and on the Manitoba economy are well known by all stakeholders. Reporting on the positive impacts and identifying potential issues now and in the future facilitates positive relations between all stakeholders including the public at large.

To collaborate with international educational groups outside Manitoba.

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